Financial Planning

For all phases of your life–and even beyond, you need a solid financial plan, and one that adapts as your needs change. To begin, we’ll help you determine your financial goals and objectives, current and future needs, and tolerance for risk. Once we understand your preferences, we’ll develop a detailed plan with all the financial and investment strategies you need today as well as those you may require tomorrow. Financial planning is ongoing and uniquely personal. With BSG&L, you can be assured the attention and service you receive is too.


Retirement Planning

It might come later, but planning and saving for retirement is a good idea now and later. Whether you’re just beginning to plan, want to maximize your savings or will soon be ready for retirement income, we can help you retire with confidence and fully enjoy life beyond your career.


Education Planning

Ensure your children or grandchildren have the funds to attend the college of their choice. Once we’ve worked together to establish your priorities and preferences, we’ll develop a savings plan that considers important factors such as contribution limits, inflation, tax benefits, early withdrawal penalties and financial aid eligibility.


Life Insurance Protection

While you may not be able to control future events, you can plan for the unexpected and safeguard your family’s financial security in the event of your death. BSG&L can work with you to review your available life insurance options, understand the advantages of each and ultimately select a solution that provides you and your family with peace of mind.


Federal & State Tax Planning

You work too hard for your money to pay too much in taxes. With a sound tax strategy from BSG&L, you can minimize your tax burden and take advantage of pre-tax, tax-deferred or tax-deductible contributions to a variety of investment accounts.


Long-Term Care & Disability Insurance

Planning for uncertainties in later life or unexpected events such as illness or injury can help you protect your current income and lifestyle, retirement savings and potentially your heirs. BSG&L can help you understand the benefits of obtaining these types of insurance, when it makes sense to do so and how much coverage is appropriate.


Estate Preservation & Continuation

You’ll spend a lifetime building your legacy. A solid estate plan will help you protect it after you’re gone. BSG&L will work with you to protect your family and assets, help you pass on your wealth as you choose, and reduce your family’s estate tax liability through strategies such as gifts and irrevocable trusts.